The Beseder restaurant is focused on grilled meat specialties and Mediterranean cuisine. You can find beers from brewery Kolčavka and Portuguese wine on our menu. The restaurant is inside the multifunctional Balabenka Point site. You can see in the restaurant also artworks of international artists who have previously exhibited in the Beseder Gallery, which is connected to the restaurant. Beseder, which is open to the general public, can be rented for private functions. The rented space can include a gallery, which gives it an area of 300 sq.m. for approx. 150 people. The restaurant includes 100 sq.m. of space that can be used as a VIP lounge or meeting room.

The word “beseder” means “alright” in Hebrew. The word “seder” means order and is also the name of a Jewish holiday, a ritual meal commemorating the exodus of the Jews from Egyptian slavery around 3,500 years ago.

It is a very long meal that has a precise course and order of tasks (which is where it gets its name from). In addition to the consumption of symbolic foods, a text is read from the Passover Hagaddah (for example they drink four times, not five times or three times, and they always drink after a certain course).

Wine is drunk, although beer can also be drunk. In ancient times Jews did not know what beer was, but if they had known of it, they certainly would have drunk it. This ceremony was beautifully pictured by Leonardo da Vinci in his Last Supper, where Jesus celebrated his last Passover