Soup of the day 75,-
Cream of Celery 75,-


Caviar d’aubergine (roasted eggplant dip with pomegranate and pita bread) 120 g 145,-
Hummus (chickpeas, tahini and olive oil dip with pita bread) 120 g 135,-
Falafel (deep-fried chickpea balls with tahini sauce and pita bread) 4 pcs 135,-
Tapas Platter (anchovies, shrimps, calamari, mix of olives, sun-dried tomatoes) 280 g 285,-
Mezze Platter (hummus, caviar d’aubergine, sigara börek (fried minced meat rolls), tiropitakia (fried feta cheese pies), falafel, halloumi cheese and pita bread) 350 g 285,-


Tagliatelle “Mare e Monti” (shrimps, bacon, garlic) 200 g 265,-
Shish Kebab (grilled minced meat kebab served with french fries, salad, and garlic dip) 200 g 245,-
Moroccan Tajine (cooked beef, potatoes and vegetables seasoned with Moroccan spices) 200 g 265,-
Lamb Méchoui (slowly roasted lamb with Moroccan spices and rice) 200 g 380,-
Couscous Royal (beef, lamb, and chicken) 300g 350,-
Provence Seafood Plate (calamari, salmon, shrimps with stewed vegetables and garlic baguette) 250 g 385,-
Mix Grill Beseder (4 types of grilled meat, grilled vegetables, roasted potatoes and three sauces) 400g 490,-
Grilled Salmon Fillet (with saffron and ratatouille) 200 g 350,-

Main Dishes

Duck breasts (with mashed potatoes and Port wine sauce) 200 g 295,-
Classic Beef Burger (with french fries, salad, and dip) 200 g 265,-
Pork Tenderloin (in herb crust with demi glacé sauce and mashed potatoes) 200 g 285,-
Fried Cheese (with french fries and tartar sauce) 180 g 185,-
Buffalo Chicken Wings (with grilled corn, salad, and sour sauce) 400g 195,-
Pork Ribs in Beer and Honey Marinade (with mustard, horseradish, and bread) 450 g 245,-
Beef Goulash (with onion and bread) 180 g  180,-
Rib Eye Steak (with french fries and salad) 250 g 365,-
The Brewer’s Degustation Plate (ribs, pepper sausage, Buffalo chicken wings served with two sauces) 400 g 350,-

Savoury Treats for Beer Buddies

Gothaj Salami (with onion and vinegar) 80 g 95,-
Pickled Hermelín Cheese (white mould cheese) 280 g 115,-
Homemade Pâté 100 g 65,-
Greaves Spread 100 g 80,-


Caesar Salad 150 g 195,-
Beetroot Salad with Goat Cheese 150 g 225,-
Caprese Salad 150 g 185,-


Tiramisu 75,-
Baklava 65,-
Cheesecake 95,-

Side Dishes

Extra Side Dish 65,-
Extra Sauce 35,-